Claudine Georget

Claudine Georget Portrait

In her secluded studio in a hilltop hamlet overlooking the River Lot, Claudine Georget produces contemporary figurative paintings which are vibrant in colour and emotion, each telling a story from the world of cafés, bars and blues music, nightclubs, the circus, dance, sport and travel.
She learnt her skills in the Visual Arts at Atelier Met de Penninghen and Ecole Supérieure des Métiers d'Art de Paris, where she specialised in two-dimensional works, producing wall-paper prints, panoramic murals, posters, illustrations and fabric prints as well as decorative pieces for children.
She has worked for various art studios and printing companies but a number of years ago she set up her own studio and the tranquil charm and isolation of its location has given her the space to develop her skills resulting in her current work which is full of social interaction with a good dose of humour.  Her design, composition, presentation and use of colour work together to produce the originality of her works often depicting humanity and symbolism hand in hand.
In addition to her figurative paintings she also does still-life and fabric designs.  Her techniques are varied, combining crayons and pastels with acrylics and oils, as well as collage, and she also uses a variety of bases including paper, card, wood panels and canvas.

Some of her exhibitions :

- 2014, august, Exhibition "Plurielles", Figeac (Lot)
- 2014, august, Marché de l'Art, Loupiac (Aveyron)
- 2014, july/august, galerie "Le matou del Arte", Figeac (Lot)
- 2014, may, galerie "L'art en pente douce", Cajarc (Lot)
- 2013, august/september, galerie "La tour", Montsalès (Aveyron)
- 2013, august, Exhibition "Plurielles", Figeac (Lot)
- 2013, february, Art Actuel à Brive (Corrèze)
- 2012, August, Expo "Plurielles", Salle Balène in Figeac (Lot)
- 2012, July/August, Maison de la Fontaine in Najac (Aveyron)
- 2012, July/August, Expo collective, Château de Lacapelle-Marival (Lot)
- 2011/2012, December/January, Maison Pillon/Ozenne in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)
- 2011, Expo collective de femmes in Figeac (Lot)
- 2011, Sabadel-Latronquière (Lot)
- 2011, Marché de l'Art à Lacapelle-Marival (Lot)
- 2011, Expo collective à Carayac (Lot)
- 2011, Pont des Arts à Marcillac-Vallon (Aveyron)
- 2010, Galerie Sensations in Figeac (Lot)
- 2010, Rue des Arts in Le Carla-Bayle (Ariège)
- 2009, Galerie Sillage in Gramat (Lot)
- 2009, Galerie de l'Aubance in Brissac (Angers)(Maine et Loire)
- 2008, Lacapelle-Marival (Lot)
- 2008, La Petite Galerie in Figeac (Lot)
- 2006/2007, La petite galerie in Figeac (Lot)
- 2005/2006, Galerie Thuillier, rue de Thorigny in Paris
- 2005, Galerie de "Arte" in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique)
- 2003, Le grand Marché d'Art Contemporain de La Bastille in Paris
- 1999, Galerie "L'Acadie" in Cajarc (Lot)
- 1993, Galerie "Cupillard" in Grenoble (Isère)
- 1993, Diagonale des Arts in Cahors (Lot)

Extracts taken from newspaper articles :

" Her style is thought-provoking and fun"

"Claudine Geoget's art is reminiscent of the comic book style with bar scenes, parties, nightclubs and funfairs depicting improbable meetings between larger than life characters.  She has a skill for caricaturising her subjects and her ability to convey the different atmospheres of her venues is second to none.  Her scenes are vibrant and dynamic, colourful and at times exotic.  They are quite simply a wonderful representation of life."

"It takes only a glimpse of her paintings hanging in a gallery to entice a passer-by inside. Claudine Geoget imbues all her pieces with such joie de vivre from her “Beaux Ténébreux” collection which manages to combine elegance alongside buxom creations offering promises of a good time, to her portraits and still-lifes. The painter’s inspiration pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and has no limits.  She captures life with colourful irony giving a feast for the eyes."

 "Her impressionist style uses bright, vibrant hues but also achieves a subtle attention to detail that surprises and charms.  There is a flavour of Bilal but there is no doubt that the artist has her own unique touch..."